All seasons are a treat in the National Parks, and the Sequoia Kings Canyon National Parks are no different. Winter is a wonderland, Spring full of wildflowers, glorious waterfalls, and rivers. Summer is fun hiking time, with Fall quiet and colorful.

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Sequoia National Park is hiking heaven with over 800 miles of hiking trails. There are endless trails—you could spend a life time discovering!
A few of our favorite hikes are:




The Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks are famous for their waterfalls. A great way to spend a day is waterfall chasing through these two Parks.


horseback riding

Horseback riding is available in the Park and in Three Rivers. Fun and family-friendly experts guide you through the back country. If you have little buckaroos, corral lessons by our local world famous horsewoman, Christy Woods, of Wood-N-Horse Training Stables may be arranged.


Crystal Cave is one of 240 known caves in the Sequoia National Park. This is a guided tour, May 25th through September 30th. Crystal Cave is a treasure of ornate marble polished by subterranean streams and decorated with curtains of icicle-like stalactites and mounds of stalagmites.

Giant Forest


Sequoia National Park is famous for its grove of giant sequoias and home to the General Sherman Tree, the world’s largest tree by volume. The General Sherman stands 275 feet tall and is over 36 feet in diameter at the base. In the Kings Canyon National Park (right next door) you can visit the General Grant, also a giant sequoia, known as the Nation’s Christmas Tree.

The Giant Forest museum is a hit with young and old alike -- interactively educational and the heart of several trailheads. Rangers are always available to review trail maps and make suggestions for your explorations. The museum is an amazing place to learn the history and ecology of the giant sequoias.



Anne Lang’s Emporium

Breakfast · Lunch · Deli

(559) 561-4937
41651 Sierra Drive
Three Rivers, CA 93271


Breakfast · Lunch

(559) 561-2253
41727 Sierra Drive
Three Rivers, CA 93271

Casa Mendoza

Breakfast · Lunch · Dinner

(559) 561-7283
40869 Sierra Drive
Three Rivers, CA 93271



Lunch · Dinner (with great views!)

(559) 561-4133
45978 Sierra Drive
Three Rivers, CA 93271

OL' buckaroo

 Dinner · Brunch & Lunch (on weekends)

(559) 799-366
41695 Sierra Drive
Three Rivers, CA 93271


Sequoia Cider Mill

Breakfast · Lunch · Dinner

(559) 561-4113
40311 Sierra Drive
Three Rivers, CA 93271


Coffee · Snacks

(559) 303-5424
41669 Sierra Drive
Three Rivers, CA 93271

Sierra Subs & Salads


(559) 561-4810
41717 Sierra Drive
Three Rivers, CA 93271


Reimer’s Candies

Chocolate · Ice Cream · Gifts

(559) 561-4576
42375 Sierra Drive
Three Rivers, CA 93271

River View Lounge

Lunch · Dinner

(559) 561-2211
42323 Sierra Drive
Three Rivers, CA 93271


Groceries · Liquor · Meat Market

(559) 561-4441
40869 Sierra Drive
Three Rivers, CA 93271


The Totem Deli

Breakfast · Lunch · Dinner

(559) 561-4463
45186 Sierra Drive
Three Rivers, CA 93271

Craft beer and wine tasting at the Redwood Room in the Totem.
Our staff at the Totem is also an excellent resource for assistance while in town!

The Totem Deli


(559) 561-4463
45186 Sierra Drive
Three Rivers, CA 93271

Totem’s pizza is housemade! Thursdays are pizza night and a popular hangout for Park personnel. Gather around the craft beer and wine tasting bar, enjoy pizza, and meet the locals.


The Peaks restaurant
at Wuksatchi lodge

Breakfast · Lunch · Dinner

Call for reservations:
(559) 565-4070

64740 Wuksachi Way
Sequoia National Park, CA 93262

Just a few minutes beyond Giant Forest.



Tour nearby Exeter, a turn of the century Americana farm town is a must-see. There are murals all through town making Exeter an outdoor gallery. Twenty seven murals alone are dedicated to WWII heroes. Schedule time to visit the many unique specialty shops and antique shops. Don’t forget lunch at Monet’s and dinner at Cafe Lafayette, two of our favorite restaurants.


Monet’s Bistro

Lunch · Dinner

(559) 592-9453
120 S E Street
Exeter, CA 93221

California cuisine with a French accent.
Wine and delicious desserts like lavender cheesecake!


Lunch · Dinner · Brunch (on weekends)

(559) 592-9463
151 S E Street (Suite A) 
Exeter, CA 93221

Full bar, fun menu. Fred has a French
accent because he is the real deal.
California selections, top notch.



A drive to Woodlake is one of the most panoramic drives you’ll take through Central Valley California. The small Botanical Gardens at the foot of Bravo Lake is something you will be talking about for a long time! Enjoy authentic Mexican food at Dora’s; you’ll probably hear the cooks sing!


bravo lake botanical garDeN

(559) 280-2483
577 E Naranjo Blvd
Woodlake, CA 93286


Lunch · Dinner

(559) 564-2606
148 East Antelope Avenue
Woodlake, CA 93286